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Time with teachers, to support you with your child's learning.

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Jacqui, Haslemere

"Really insightful and relaxed introduction to phonics and how to support my child in their learning. Lots of fabulous tools and resources to take away..."

Emma, Petersfield

"Two hours, one evening and the best £30 I have ever spent"

Deepi, Haslemere

"Highly recommend...brought a whole new insight to me about how kids learn at preschool/school...Very informative."

Edvanced aims to bridge the gap between teaching in schools and learning at home.


We do this through explaining current teaching methods and providing engaging activities, that enable your child’s learning to become successfully embedded.



Zoom Workshop:

Nicky and Ellie will guide you through live, all you need to know about supporting your child on their Phonics and Reading journey. 
Our highly successful and 5 star rated Introduction to Phonics and Reading Workshop is now being offered as a Zoom session. Click below to find out more.

No upcoming events at the moment

Online Course: 

Perfect to work through at your own pace. 

Our highly successful Supporting Phonics and Reading Workshop has now been released as an online course. Click below to find out more.

About our workshops

Our informal workshops explore different areas of the school curriculum and explain how these areas are taught.  We provide you with quick and easy tools to use at home and answer any particular problems or questions you may have.

Led by teachers who are parents

Ellie and Nicky have over 25 years teaching experience in primary schools, as deputy head teachers and senior leaders in outstanding schools. They are also parents of young children. 

 Teaching methods explained

Confused by phonics? Struggling to understand the chunking method? Let us explain current teaching methodologies, with practical examples. 

Practical resources to take away

We will give you quick and fun ideas to reinforce teaching methods with your child.You will also receive resources, to use with your child at home.

Your questions answered

A dedicated section of each workshop is set aside for answering any questions you may have.

Are the workshops right for your child's age group or ability?

Each workshop is aimed at a particular age range. Please click on the links below for specific details.


Where are the workshops held?

Our workshops are currently taking place in Haslemere, Petersfield, Farnham and Weybridge. We plan on adding more locations soon. Register for our newsletter for information on new events. 


Meet The Team


Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins has always been motivated by seeing children realise their full potential ,whatever their background. It is finding the right tools for the individual, to motivate them to succeed, that is the key. She is a mother of two and an experienced primary school teacher. 


Ellie has worked as a Senior Leader, in inner London, as well as in Surrey. She has over thirteen years teaching experience in a range of senior roles including Assistant Headteacher, Head of Literacy, Head of Key Stage 2 and Teaching and Learning Lead.  Ellie has experience of teaching in all the age ranges in Key Stage 1 and 2.

Her in depth understanding of the different ways that outstanding teaching can be delivered and how individuals best learn, has seen her impact on significantly improving standards in the schools she has worked in. During her first 2 years as an  Assistant Headteacher and Head of Literacy Ofsted commented "Standards have risen ... over the last two years. They are now well above the national average in writing." Ellie believes that supporting a child's learning at home with engaging and fun activities, that reinforce what has been taught at school, is the way to ensure that children embed their learning and succeed.

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Nicky Forsyth

Nicky is a primary school teacher, a mum of two boys and is passionate about children loving learning. If children find learning a pleasure then they will do well. She has over seventeen years’ experience in teaching, the majority in senior roles including Deputy Head teacher in an inner city school. She has experience of teaching and leadership in Reception, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Her clear understanding and knowledge of teaching and learning has helped to raise standards and played an influential role in schools gaining ‘outstanding' judgements from Ofsted. Nicky has eight years’ experience as working as a Special Educational Needs coordinator. Her experience has taught her that if education is well supported at home and tailored to the child; their preferences and styles of learning then every child can excel.

About Edvanced

Founded by two former deputy headteachers, and more importantly, parents themselves, who believe that reinforcing what is learnt at school, at home, is key to enabling your child to succeed.

Parents are often left confused by current teaching methods: what is a phoneme? How does the chunking method, for division, work?

We believe that empowering parents with knowledge of the curriculum is the way to succeed.

Our mission is to give parents the resources and information they need to reinforce their child’s learning at home through very easy, active and fun activities that enable your child’s learning to become embedded.

Schools and teachers have ever increasing workloads and are time poor. They do offer information to parents but often not as much as we would like.


Edvanced exists to fill this void and give you the knowledge, skills and techniques to confidently support your child’s learning at home!