We understand the challenges everyone is facing at the moment. Trying to adapt to homeschooling is a huge change, and understanding how to teach and support your child in all the different aspects of their learning can be overwhelming. 

To give you an opportunity to discuss your particular issues or concerns in regards to supporting your child’s education and emotional wellbeing, we offer one to one private coaching sessions for parents of children aged between 3-11 years. 

We can support you on a wide variety of concerns: 

  • In what areas of learning can I really help my child make progress at home?

  • How do I make learning at home fun so my child is motivated to learn?

  • How do I stop my child worrying so much?

  • My child won’t read what I should do?

  • What is phonics and how do I teach my child the different sounds?

  • How can I help my child remember their spellings and times tables?


We offer a bespoke approach for each parent to ensure they feel fully supported. 

Consultations are normally held in the evening from 19:00 onwards