4 Great Ideas for Teaching + & - Using a Pack of Cards!

Here is a really simple idea that you can play with your little ones. All you need is a pack of cards/or Uno cards. (If you use a pack of playing cards, just use the number cards.)

Deal 3 rows of 4 cards and ask your child to turn over 2 cards.

"What is the total?"


Ask your child to put the biggest number in their head and count on the rest on their fingers. E. g. 7 in your head count on 2... 8,9.

Or use a number line. The child puts their finger on the number 7 and counts on 2.

Once they have worked out the total,ask them to turn these cards back over and choose 2 more cards.

"What is the total of these 2 cards?" And so on.

There are lots of variations on this: 💡Find pairs of numbers with a total of 10 ( Number bonds to 10)

💡Subtract the smaller number from the larger number

💡Add 3 numbers together

💡Find pairs of numbers with a total of 5 ( Number bonds to 5)

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Ellie and Nicky at Edvanced.
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