4 Great Phonics Games!

Over the holidays I have tried to keep my little one practising his phonics.
It is really easy to get stuck in a rut with these games so here are a few ideas to give a go. We have found that keeping things fresh and new is best and ensures that your child doesn't loose interest too quickly!
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1) Phonics Bloom:


A great little website for games arranged by phonics phase.

Here is a little graph we put together for quickly explaining which phonics phase is taught when.

Just so you know:

2) Mr Thorne Does Phonics

The Mr Thorne Does Phonics videos have been a YouTube phenomenon and are put together by a Year 1 Class Teacher. There are hundreds of free literacy resources featuring Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe. Each of the phonics sounds is explained and appears on screen, and you can also watch Mr Thorne videos about high frequency words and spelling. They are also great for pausing and then practising the sound with your little ones! Teachers often use them as well.

3) Forest Phonics:


A simple spelling game using spelling patterns.

Aimed at children aged between 4 & 7yrs.

Choose a spelling pattern and you will be prompted to spell approximately ten words using that spelling pattern, e.g. 'ay' words.

4) Nerf Gun (other toy guns are available) Phonics!

Something we have tried and tested lots with our little ones and they really can’t get enough of.

1) Choose a sound that your child needs practise with and write words with this sound in them on post it notes. (E.g igh, bright, light, sigh, high, sight)

2) Stick the post its around your house.

3) Challenge your child to find and read the words (by segmenting and blending if they need to) and then once they have read the word correctly they get to shoot the word with their gun!

4) As your child successfully reads the words they find get them to take that post it with them. Keep coming back to the words until your child is able to read the sound with little challenge.

We really hope these help to jazz up learning phonics. Do let us kow what you think by commenting on our facebook page/posts.

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