5 Top Tips for your child’s first week at school.

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Hopefully these tips and ideas will help make those first few weeks at school as smooth as possible for your little one and you!

1) Don’t book too much in for after school.

Children are exhausted when they start school and particularly in those first few weeks they often just want to come home and relax on the sofa in front of the TV (and sometimes even fall asleep!) I made the mistake of booking in too many after schools clubs when my son first started school and this led to him becoming over tired and having a few meltdowns that could have been avoided. It is best to start with one or two clubs or activities and then decide to do more once you have seen how your child is coping.

2) Snacks at the ready!

Having a snack ready at the school gate can make the walk, scooter, cycle or drive home a much happy and more relaxed experienced! When children finish school they all seem to be starving, even if they have eaten all of their lunch and snacks throughout the day.

3) Have you had a wee?

Checking before you leave the school grounds that your child doesn’t need to go to the toilet is a good idea and will stop the need for a wild wee in bush on the way home!

4) Check they have everything!

A quick check that your child has everything before you leave the school grounds (jumper, water bottle, book bag, lunchbox, hat, gloves etc) helps stops items disappearing into the lost property abyss forever. If you go into school straight away I have found it is usually pretty easy to find things. Leave it a day or two it seems to get a lot more difficult.

5) Don’t expect to find out huge amounts about your child’s day.

On my son’s first days at school I was so excited to find out all about what he had been up to and asked him hundreds of questions of which the most common reply was, “I can’t remember.” He started to get quite frustrated at my constant interest and I quickly found out that asking one or two simple questions, “What was the best thing about your day?” or “What made you happy today?“ meant I got a reply that gave me a small insight into his day without annoying him.

We hope your child has an amazing time at their new school.

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