6 Ways to write the long a sound!!

6 ways to write the long a sound - seriously??

When listening or teaching your child to read you will find yourself suddenly becoming aware of the many different ways that the same sound is written. This is why English is notoriously tricky to learn.
Below find the 6 ways that the long a sound can be written with tricks to teach you where these spellings are most commonly found.

1) Just the letter a!

2) ai

The most common way of spelling the long a sound.

3) ay

Found at the end of words.

4) a - e Called a split digraph as they are 2 letters that make one sound with a consonant in between them.

See below for details!

For more details on split digraphs see our blog post on them here!

5) ei

A few words spell the long a sound with the letters ei.

6) ea

Only 3 words make the long a sound in this way.

Hopefully this helps your child to look out for the different spellings of the long a sound!

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