Balloon multiplication tables keepy ups!

Learning: Practising any multiplication table (times tables) of choice.⠀

Ages: 5 - 10⠀

🎈Practising multiplication tables with your child each day is a great way to keep your child's understanding of key maths facts slick, while we are in lock down, and it will make a real difference to your child's maths learning when they are back at school. ⠀

🎈This game is easy to prepare - lots of fun and keeps your child moving too. ⠀

1) Blow up a balloon and write on it (in permanent pen) the answers of one of the multiplication tables your child is learning. We focussed on x 3. Write the answers from 1x up to 12x of your multiplication table of choice e.g. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36.⠀


2) Pass the balloon to your child calling out a multiplication table e.g. 3 x 4. They catch the balloon calling out and pointing to the answer. ⠀

3) You then repeat this with your child passing the balloon back to you and calling out a multiplication question and you have to catch the balloon, call out and point to the answer. ⠀

4) Repeat as many times as you wish.⠀


- When your child is more confident with their multiplication table don't catch the balloon just pass it back calling out the answer and then the next question. How long can you keep it in the air?⠀

- Call out the answer to your child e.g. 15 and they have to call out the question 3 x 5.⠀

- Add in a physical challenge - if you get an answer wrong you have to stand on one leg/ jump up and down or hop.⠀

🎈We hope you have fun. This game has been really popular in our house😀.

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