Blend It!

Updated: May 2, 2019


A game to get your child reading letter sounds and putting the letters together to form a word. The final step is to blend all the letters together so that they can read a word!

You will need:

Post Its (I love them!)

A pen

1) Write the letters s/ a /t /p/ i /n on post its.

2) Give the letters to your child.

3) Show your child how to spell a word from these letters. E.g. tap, sat, pit etc

4) Encourage them to sound out the letters and then blend them together.

5) Then ask them to make as many words as they can from the letters (e.g. tap, nap, tin, pin, sit)

To make the game easier: Give some images of the words to help them. To make it more challenging: Add the letter e and the digraph (2 letters that make one sound) ck To make it more challenging again,include writing in the game: Challenge you little one to write the words

Just so you know:

If your child is following the Jolly Phonics or Read Write Inc scheme at school, the order the sounds are taught in are:

Phonics bugs are taught in a very similar order with a few differences. See below:

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