Bring some maths into the bedtime routine!

Reading a bedtime story is part of most bedtime routines (if you have children!) Bedtime stories are brilliant as they develop a child's reading and writing skills, expands their vocabulary bank and their understanding of the world. However, it is an added bonus when you find a lovely bedtime story that can also develop your child's maths skills. How many Legs? by Kes Gray is just that. Take a peek at our review of the book.

How many Legs? by Kes Gray

How Many Legs? is a lovely children’s book with a twist, it is a rhyming and counting story. Written and illustrated by the award winning creators of ‘Oi Frog’ Kes Gray and Jim Field this book is fun, enjoyable and easy to read.

The story is based around a party that starts with one young boy and then gets busier and busier as a range of two, four, eight and even one hundred legged friends join him. The aim of the book is to keep count on the number of legs at the party as more animals, bugs and beasts arrive.

How high would the leg count go if a squid rode in a buffalo?

At the end of the story you are given a recap of the number of legs that have entered the party in the form of a very large addition calculation, before you are rewarded with answer as the finale.

My boys absolutely love this book. The wonderful illustrations are such fun that they make you laugh out loud and the different levels of books means it appeals to many ages. My six year old loves the challenge of keeping a running total of the number of legs at the party, while my two year old likes joining in with the rhyming patterns in the book. It is a firm favourite in our house and it is great way to incorporate some maths into our bedtime routine.

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