Building and Counting Towers

Learning: Counting in 1s, 10s, 2s and developing fine motor skills.⠀

Ages: 2 - 7⠀

Today I set my boys a challenge to build a tower of duplo bricks that was taller than themselves and we would then count the number of bricks to see how tall they were in number of bricks. ⠀

🌟My youngest started to build the tower on his own (with a little help from me at the end). He had to think of a way to stop it from falling down. Then once the tower was built and we had measured him against it, he had to break up the tower and place all the bricks into a tub - all great fine motor skills. Then we counted one brick at a time, placing them into a basket to find out how many bricks tall he was - lots of lovely counting skills.⠀

🌟My eldest decided to set himself his own challenge. He wanted to build a tower that went up to the ceiling. However, using one single column meant it kept falling down, so he had to think of ways of creating a stronger wider base so it would stay up. After lots of collapsing towers he managed it. I then asked him how many bricks were in his tower? He started counting them 1 by 1. I suggested grouping them in 10s and then counting the groups of 10. We talked about how this would stop him from making counting errors and make him more accurate and also built practising the 10 times table into the activity.⠀

🌟One added bonus of this activity was learning perseverance. The towers kept falling down and it was a great opportunity to learn how important it is to keep trying, to learn from your mistakes and make changes. Both boys managed to complete their towers and were very proud of them. ⠀

🌟It was a fun hour, took no preparation and covered so many different aspects of learning.

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