Dice Addition!

Updated: May 2, 2019

A quick, simple and active game to get your little ones adding 1 digit numbers and it is very easy to make more or less challenging.

You will need:

A dice

The numbers 1 to 5 written on paper and cut out

A piece of paper

A pencil

1) Lay the number cards 1 to 5 face down on the table.

2) Ask your little one to choose 1 card and turn it over.

3) Ask your them to write this number down on their piece of paper.

4) Then ask your little one to write a + sign next to this number.

5) Roll the dice and ask your child to say the number on the dice.

6) Write the number down next to the + sign. E.g If I had chosen the 3 number card and rolled a 4 I should have written down 3 + 4.

7) Then ask your child to write an = sign (e.g. You should now have 3+4 =).

8) Ask your child to put the biggest number in their head (in this case 4) and then count on on their fingers.

For example if I have 4 in my head and count on 3 on my fingers I say “5,6,7” So the answer is 7

9) Ask your child to write their answer down (e.g. 3 + 4= 7).

10) Repeat by choosing another digit card and rolling the dice again!

Making it easier:

Write the sum out for your child and use or draw a number line like this: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Bunny-Hop-Game-for-Everyday-Math-137775 to help them count on.

A little tip: Make sure you encourage your little one to count the number of jumps, if they are using a number line.

Making it more challenging:

Write digit cards up to 20 so your child is adding to 26.

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