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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

I was chatting to a friend at a child’s party the other day and she was saying that her daughter is reading well but keeps having a block when reading certain words. She explained that there is no pattern to the words she struggles to read, but certain words she just can’t seem to remember.

This is a very common issue and children often struggle to remember to how to read and spell certain words and there seems to be no reason why.

So how can you help them to remember these words?

Rainbow Writing – Write the word out for your child in pencil and get them to write over it in brightly coloured felt tip pens again and again. This is great if your child is a visual learner and needs to see things to help them remember.

Top tip – don’t stop at pens and paper – using coloured chalk and writing on the floor outside works just as well and is great if your child doesn’t like to sit at a table.

Mnemonics – Get your child to make up a silly rhyme to remember a word. The most famous is because – big elephants can always understand small elephants but when your child makes up one that means something to them or they find funny they remember it so much better. E.g. was - William ate slime.

Scrambled letters - Give your child a word that they are struggling to remember scrambled up. You can use alphabet blocks or fridge magnets, or even make your own by writing letters on pieces of paper. Then have them unscramble the word within a time limit. This game makes a great competition for multiple children.

Sing the words – Get your child to sing word and make up their own melody or use the melody of a simple song they already know. This melody helps imprint the word in your child’s memory and you can enjoy it being stuck in your head too!

We really hope these tips help your little one get their heads around those words that they just don't seem to be able to remember.
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