Making Spells

Age: 2 to 10!

Inspired by our love of Meg and Mog, we decided to make our own spells! Great for speaking confidently and with expression, recognising rhymes and practising using phonic skills to write, to name a few.

You will need: - Cauldron (Tupperware/bowl)saucepan!) - Spoon - Ingredients: whatever you have.

We went in the garden and cut old daffodils, grass, soil. We then added sugar, spice and rice once inside. The rice was mainly because it rhymed with spice, so would make rhyming easier !

🌟Explain that you're going to make a spell in your cauldron.

🌟Give your child some suggestions for ingredients: grass, old leaves, sugar, spice etc.

🌟Let your child pour, cut or spoon in their ingredients into their "cauldron".

🌟Now make their spell. If they are younger give them some ideas: Tip: this is where adding spice and rice is handy as they rhyme !

🌟Get your little spell makers to repeat their spells a few times. This helps them to remember them. I recorded ours on my phone.

🌟 If your child is able to, get them to write their spell out. They can use the recording to help them remember what to write.

A bit extra: My son was so into this that he also came up with some magic words to chant too...abracadabra/ iggity, ziggity, zaggaty, zam etc etc!

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