Super Soaker Word Knock Down

Learning: Practise reading key words or phonics sounds and the words they are found in.

Ages: 4 - 8

You will need: - plastic cups - post it notes or pieces of paper and cello tape - water gun (super soakers are the best)

This game is perfect for a warm afternoon as it can lead to a water fight afterwards.

1) Write the key words your child is learning on individual post it notes or squares of paper.

2) Attach each post it note or square of paper onto a separate plastic cup. I usually use around 6 - 8 cups in total.

3) Place the cups outside in a row. Make sure there isn't anything around them that you don't want to get wet.

4) Call out one of the words and your child has to try and use their super soaker to knock that word down or your child reads out one of the words and then tries to knock it down.

5) Keep going until all the words are knocked down.

Ways to change the game: ⭐️ Rather than using key words choose words that contain a certain sound for example ou - found, pound, sprout, ground, mouse, announce. ⭐️If you want to keep things dry use bean bags or balls to knock the cups down. ⭐️ For younger children using individual sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, rather than whole words. ⭐️ For older children use words linked to a spelling rule e.g. tion- attention, solution, attraction, correction, operation, pollution.

Have fun💦

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