Treasure Hunt!

Updated: May 2, 2019

Objective of play:

If you are struggling to get your child engaged in reading, this is a great, quick and fun activity to try. It gets them rushing around so, with any luck, it will burn off some energy at the same time!

You will need:

  1. Post its

  2. Felt tip pen

Rules of the game

1) Depending on your child’s ability, write the name of 5 to 8 objects that they can find around the house.

2) Stick the post its on the objects!

3) Ask your little explorer to find the objects, one by one,and read the name of the object aloud. They can then take the post it note and find the next post it.

4) If they get stuck, help them to sound out the word e.g. l/a/m/p

5) Once they have found all the post-its, ask your treasure hunter to stick them back on the objects.

The last step is fantastic as it means they then have to re-read the word, helping the language to become embedded

Changing the difficulty:

  • Easier - Use ‘consonant vowel consonant’ words such as hat, toy, car, bed etc

  • Medium - Use longer words such as door, chair, fridge or radio.

  • Hard - use more complex words such as cooker, cupboard, table.

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