Word Splat!

Updated: May 2, 2019

A quick and easy game that’s great for learning key words and energy burning!

You will need:

Post its

Spatula/ fly swot/wooden spoon etc!

1) Write down between 4 and 8 high frequency words (depending on how many you think your child can manage) on post it notes.

2) Lay these out on a table (which you do not mind being splatted!).

3) Give your child their splatter!

4) Call out the words on the cards and your child must splat the words that they hear.

5) Once they have splatted the word they can put that post it note to one side.

Repeat until all the words are gone.

6) Swap roles. The adult is the splatter and the child reads the word they would like you to splat. This reinforces the language they have been learning and the children love seeing an adult do the activity.

P.S. This works wonders in 15 minute bursts- in the case of my son,after this time,he turned the fly swot on his dad! Oh dear!😂

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